Girard Park

Yesterday I went to check in on “The Watcher” and a near completed mural was staring back at me! Our Academy students sure did make quick work of this one. Shout out to Aniekan Udofia who was the artist on this one. Look out of photos of the completed mural soon. For now lets look at the amazing progress thats already been made…

Can't have a mural without paint!

Looking into the eyes of the watcher


Its all in the details...


Our Art Director Cory teaching the babies

Good form! Look at the rotation on that ball!

Remember kids, protective gear is a must







Click Image For Full Size view

Above you’ll see the finished rendering of what the mural at Girard Park will look like. This project is entitled “The Watcher”.  This mural was designed to reflect the rich history, present reality and future of the 14th and Girard Street Park. For those who are unfamiliar, this park has been a place for elders to congregate, play checkers and various card games for most of its recent history.  With the renewal of the park, it has moved more in the direction of being a multi-generational meeting ground where kids of all ages come out to play basketball.  However, the elders have not left; in fact, they have remained the primary users of the park and some of its most committed advocates.

Words Beats & Life and Albus Cavus were selected to work with community youth to create a mural that depicts this rich history. With the help of youth from the Columbia Heights Youth Club, the Mary Center, Martha’s Table and Words Beats & Life’s own DC Urban Arts Academy, we have developed this mural whose central image is patterned after an owl, ideally representing wisdom but also acting as a watcher.  It is this role that many of the elders of the community play; they are the watchers and caretakers of the next generation of residents.  This space allows them to guide the next generation in the ways of preserving the culture and history of the community.

Words from Jim Graham

Thanks to all who contributed to the design of the mural!  We have a lot to be proud of in coming together in our ongoing efforts to revitalize the Girard Park as a safe, fun and relaxing place for all neighbors.

Thanks to Mack and all who have taken on a day to day leadership role to make sure all maintenance and other health and safety issues are immediately addressed.  Thanks to DPR and DPW and Green Team for your work here as well.

Let’s keep it up!

Bests, Jim Graham

If any of you guys want to send an e-mail out to Chairman Graham, thanking him for his help with this project, his contact info is as follows…

Jim Graham, Councilmember, Ward One, 1350 Pa. Ave., NW, #105, Washington, DC 20004. 202-724-8181; 202-724-8109 (fax).

Chairman, Committee on Public Works and the Transportation (including alcohol regulation). Main Committee Number: 202-724-8195. 1350 Pa. Ave., NW, #116, Washington, DC 20004.

Be sure to visit his website as well

Work should begin on this project starting November 9th, 2009.

In response to the aging infrastructure and shifting needs of the community, the DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) began a community-driven planning and design process in spring 2007 to redevelop the park located at 14th and Girard Streets, NW.  This project will completely redevelop the existing park in order to better serve the community that surrounds it. WBL is very happy to be working with the DPR on this project.

Here are the digital mock ups of the area of Girard Park where we will be doing our mural project.

Girard Park 2

Girard Park 4


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  1. Amazing, I didn’t know about this topic till now. Thanx.

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