Takoma Park

A Word From Our Sponsors…

We’ve received a lot of praise from our mural projects, but none are more cherished than those given by the businesses and organizations that commission us to do the work that we do. Below you’ll read a wonderful letter of thanks, sent to use from the Director of Development at MOMI DC, Ginny Johnson

I’m writing to pass on our heartfelt thanks for a truly wonderful project at Elevation 314. We were excited by the idea of Murals DC from the moment we heard of the program; the decision to submit an application for our property in Takoma Park was an easy one. But, as I filled out those first informational forms, I did not imagine just how much we would love both the process and the final product.

Our mural is beautiful and striking — sophisticated in conception and masterfully executed. But what makes it all the more special to us is the thoughtful, innovative process by which it was created. From start to finish, the experience exploded with positivity. The application and commitment process was quick and simple; the design team presented excellent options and then were receptive and responsive to our suggested edits. Despite being a collaborative effort across several departments and organizations, the process was structured and seamless. Everyone we encountered along the way showed a palpable enthusiasm for the program.

When Mazi & Cory and their team showed up on site to begin the actual work on our wall, it was impossible not to get caught up in the subversively positive creative energy. We were amused (and, honestly, delighted) to learn some of the young artists helping to create the mural weren’t painting that particular “canvas” for the first time. We think it’s genius that by honoring the graffiti art form, the Murals DC process harnesses the tight-knit subculture’s strong sense of mutual respect and virtually ensures our once heavily tagged wall will remain untouched from this point forward.

Finally, we love what the whole thing represents: opportunity, collaboration, teaching, positive change– all without sacrificing personal expression or creativity. Consider us huge fans — and please don’t hesitate to call if you need a positive testimony or advocate for the program.

Thanks for the good work, and I look forward to seeing many more
projects around the city!

With warm regards,


Ginny Johnson
Director of Development | MOMI DC

Takoma Green is ready to go! Everyone hop on the Red Line Metro ASAP and do a “ride by”. Big shouts to Kobe and the DCUAA students for pulling this one off. Amazing work guys! Check the pictures below…

Click size for full view

Click size for full view

Click for full size view

Click size for full view

Click size for full view

Click size for full view

If there was a competition for longest mural in DC, we’d be a shoe in!

Click for full size view

Click Image For Full Size view

Here we have the design for the project we’re doing at Takoma Park The design concept and them, “Takoma Green”, originated from feedback gathered by residents at the building who expressed a desire to promote green living. The location is also a green facility.

Someone Risked their life on the train tracks to get this shot! (click for full size)

Shot From The Tracks (Click For Full Size)

Our main man, Kobe AKA “DEMON” has been working all the live long day buffing and outlining the design for the Takoma Green mural project. Check out some of the photos of him hard at work. The project is really coming along!

Close Quarters

Close Quarters (Click For Full Size)

Its a real tight fit back there but its well worth it for the visibility this piece will have. Everyone who rides the Red Line Metro up to Takoma will see this joint!

Kobe makes up for being vertically challenged (Click For Full Size)

Kobe makes up for being vertically challenged (Click For Full Size)

That’s right ladies and gents, we’re breaking out the ladders! We gotta make sure to use every inch of this wall. Nothing goes to waste!

Finally adding in the color (Click For Full Size)

Finally adding in the color (Click For Full Size)

Here’s your first glimpse of what the design will look like when its done. The color is already bringing it to life.

Here’s a before photo of what the wall looks like


It will be visible from the Red Line Metro along the wall in the diagram above…

314 Carroll St. NW


2 Responses to “Takoma Park”

  1. 1 James

    Just wanted to say that I’m a resident of 314 Carroll St. and I I love the
    Takoma Green mural. I think it looks great.


  2. 2 Ginny

    This is — without a doubt — the most beautiful mural I’ve ever seen. All of us at MOMI (the building’s developer/owner/management) are proud it lives on our property. Our hopes were high when we applied to take part in the Murals DC program, yet I am confident none of us could have envisioned the power of the finished product. It adds such personality and life to the building. Amazing work and an inspiring process to witness. Our heartfelt thanks to Murals DC and Words, Beats & Life for giving us this lasting reminder of such a positive experience.

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